Chloe Smiling

Very fun! I made the video higher quality than most on the site.

Chloe Dancing

Beth Stevens dancing with Chloe at Ryan Topp and Amy Sandberg’s wedding. Her husband Damien Stevens keeps popping in and out. (The weird cuts are due to me taking pictures at the same time with the same camera.)

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Da Bears

We did some sightseeing during the move to Seattle. Bear Country USA was one of our stops, and this was the most memorable part of it.

Mary Retirement

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Point of Beginnings - June 15, 2006

This is a video I produced for Point of Beginnings, a historical group for the foundation of Wisconsin.

This was done entirely with open source software. Edited in Cinelerra. The DVD was made using QDVDAuthor. This Ogg Theora/Vorbis file was made using ffmpeg2theora. The playback is done using Cortado.

This is my first project I’ve done entirely in open source software, and it was a learning experience. Some things worked great and all had quirks that I needed to figure out. On the other hand, I now know the workarounds (and the count is less than MS Word ;).

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