I Was On LugRadio!

I got permission from the great guys at LugRadio to post a portion of an episode in which they read one of my e-mails. I wrote in discussing wine vs. libwine. Listen to it if you want to know what I said.

Note: You don't have permission to reedit this file. You'll need to ask the LugRadio guys for permission to edit either this one or the original one.

New Toy

I just got a Dell e1505 laptop in the last month. Here's a list of some of the features:

  • Core Duo T2500
  • 1 gig of RAM
  • 120 GB HDD
  • 15" 1680×1050 screen
  • NVIDIA GeForce 7400
  • 80 WHr battery and 53 WHr battery

It came with Windows XP Media Center Edition. I played with it for all of a day or so. Then I got down to business and replaced it with Ubuntu Linux 6.06 Dapper. Now it was loving me. I'm thinking about getting the VMWare Workstation and putting XP in that along w/ Edgy. (Yes, I know VMWare Player is free).

I've gotten Prey to run on it under Cedega (was WineX). That game is pretty cool. Lots of fun with physics and gravity.

Next toy on the list: Nokia 770, though I might wait and ask for it for Christmas.

Sumomo's first road-trip

Sumomo ~1 month

For those of you who don't know, Joe and I got a hamster a few weeks ago. He was born right around my birthday (which is July 1, for those of you who don't love me and didn't send me presents) so we're pushing 2 months now. So Sumomo (named after a character in Chobits) came with me to Cottage Grove this weekend. He wasn't sure what to think of Makita, my parents' cat, but when he was exploring in his ball, she kept running away from him. She was probably glad to see us go. My parents enjoyed the visit from their grand-hamster, and are setting up a 10-gal tank so he has a comfy place to stay when he comes to visit.

My cousin's 6-year old came over to meet 'Momo, and they really hit it off, although Logan was disappointed when he decided it was naptime and wasn't as fun to watch. Sunday was my grandma's 85th birthday, and when I offered to introduce her to her great-grand-hamster, she just said "Oh, dear…"

Back From Seattle

I was in Seattle last week dealing with some Korry stuff for the Boeing 787 aircraft. We got some new hardware, and we got it to communicate with a PC over RS-422, RS-232, and Ethernet/FTP. Now we just need to connect it to another piece of hardware using A664.

I got to see some old friends from when I was living in the Seattle area. That was fun.

I did get a 1st class ticket back. It was interesting seeing the difference in how one is treated between the 1st class and coach. I actually got a meal and talked to the flight attendant multiple times!

That’s pretty much it. Until next time.

Site Back Up

Finally getting this site back up.

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