Come On Down

People in town or out of town can come to see the baby, just drop us a call. For those people out of town, our weekends are pretty tight on time, so definitely ask.

PS: Please remember to have your pet spayed or neutered.

Coming To Visit

If you happen to be passing by town, you should be able to stop by starting sometime the end of the week. We do reserve the right to completely ignore you depending on the baby’s mood. On the other hand, don’t plan a trip for a couple weeks. We don’t want you coming by and getting ignored. (You are all interesting and important to us, just not as interesting an important ;)

General rule of thumb, drop us a call/e-mail as we do have some plans to get out of town for family events too.

Muscles I didn't know I had

Recovering from childbirth seems to be an evolving process. At first, I just had a few tender parts… but now I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. Not only do I HAVE muscles in my neck, face, etc… apparently I’ve pulled them. All of them.

Fortunately, Chloe is a pretty good pain-killer. And awfully pretty, too. It’s amazing to watch her development — it seems like her coordination improves right before our eyes. She’s a little fussy, but I think that’s more because I’m not sure what I’m doing yet. But we’re learning together.

The disheartening thing is that the doc told me to avoid green beans and broccoli while I’m breastfeeding. Oh — and brussels sprouts. So either I ignore his advice, or I won’t get to enjoy much of the garden’s bounty this year. :( I might try to eat the stuff in moderation and hope it doesn’t bother her.


We’re starting to go through some of the pictures. We’ll post a fairly complete listing on this site at some point, but for the cream of the crop thus far, goto either my Facebook page or my Zoto page. I’m sure we’ll be updating this before we leave the hospital.

Update: Looks like I can’t easily upload a lot of pictures to Facebook, so just click that Zoto link. (yes THAT UP THERE is the link.)

It's a girl!

She was born at 1:02AM on 14 June 2008. 7lbs 11oz 21 inches. The name is yet to be determined.

Progress Report

Anne just got drugged, so she’s sleeping through contractions.

4:00 – got to hospital 2cm dialated
9:00 – 4cm but fully thinned – broke water

Looks Like Today's the Day

This is a last minute blogging action.

Anne’s starting labor, so I suppose anyone that wants to see a baby should drop a call Monday at the earliest.

I MAY be able to send a quick message out about the name, weight, time, sex, etc to my jaiku. Look at

40 weeks and still waiting...

No baby yet. My due date is today (which is weird) and we still haven’t gotten everything done that we were planning to accomplish before Junior (or Junioretta) arrives. No, I haven’t finished packing my hospital bag (although I finally started!). No, the cradle isn’t set up yet (although Joe and I each made a sheet for the mattress — and Joe decided that he likes my new sewing machine :) and there isn’t a cleared area to set it up yet. No, I haven’t finished the baby quilt I’m working on (although I made a lot of progress today). I think most of me realizes that we’re never going to get to the point I’d like the house to be in, even if we had weeks to go. But part of me really hopes we get closer, at least!

On a different note, Joe and I went to Milio’s for lunch today, and as we were leaving, another expecting couple came in… the guy asked when we were due. I said “Today” and he said “We’re due tomorrow.” So we might see some vaguely familiar faces at the hospital. Small world.

Me and a Tree -- lots of growth

37 weeks and an apple tree

We planted this 4-in-1 apple tree a few weeks ago, and it’s really doing well. We’ve had to pluck blossoms off several branches already, so hopefully lots of energy will be going into the roots. Joe did a neat job digging the hole, and put most of the sod back on after planting. It really looks like it’s been there quite a while, except for the fact that it’s pretty small!

I, however, am not even slightly small. My standard answer to “how are you?” these days is “huge.” And even though I’ve been pretty big for a while now, I’m not very good at judging how much space I require, so I keep bumping into things. When I bumped into something with my belly BEFORE I was pregnant, I barely noticed, since I was pretty squishy. Now, there’s no give at all, so even a minor bump hurts. The first time I particularly noticed this phenomenon was during a volunteer cashiering shift at the thrift shop. If you’ve ever cashiered, you’ve probably had a cash drawer open up and whack you in the belly. It normally doesn’t hurt, though. And I know I’ve almost knocked Joe over by bumping into him from behind when he stops suddenly. I tell you, pregnant bellies are SOLID. Weird stuff.

As of this week, though, I’m officially full-term. So, since my doctor doesn’t like to let his patients go past 41 weeks, it means I’m going to have this baby sometime in the next month. Maybe that’s why I was awake at 4am and thinking about all the things I should get done soon (packing a hospital bag, installing the car-seat (or at least the base), pre-washing the diapers, cleaning our bedroom so there’s room to set up the cradle…) Even with all the planning and preparation, the whole thing is still a little bit surreal.

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