Things to Do

There’s nothing to do in Platteville… oh wait — yes there is!

Here’s a list of some of the fun and exciting things you can do if you decide to visit us :)

Field of Dreams

Remember the Kevin Costner movie with the baseball diamond in a corn field? The movie was shot in Dyersville, Iowa, which isn’t very far away from here.

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Galena, IL (B&B's, great dining & Main St. USA)

Galena was once the major steamboat stop between Minneapolis and St. Louis, and still has the architecture to show for it. It’s swarming with Bed&Breakfasts, and it’s a neat city to explore. Grant’s home is in town, and tours are available, but we’ve never done that.

The main street is chock-full of neat little shops (stuffed animals, candy, beads, antiques, chocolate, craft supplies, ice cream, galleries, music… you name it, there’s a quirky little store devoted to it). Spaced along the street are several excellent restaurants — we’ve pretty much gravitated to the Italian ones, but there are others.

Mining Museum/ Rollo Jamison Museum

I have to include this shameless plug, since I work there as a tour guide.

The Mining Museum traces the development of lead and zinc mining in the Upper Mississippi Valley through models, dioramas, artifacts and photographs. A guided tour includes a walk down into the Bevans Lead, an 1845 lead mine which produced over two million pounds of lead ore in one year, a visit to a head-frame where you can see how zinc ore was hoisted from a mine and hand sorted, and a train ride around the museum grounds in ore cars pulled by a 1931 mine locomotive.

There are 90 steps into the mine where it is 52 degrees year 'round. We suggest comfortable shoes and a light wrap. Rides on the mine train are included with the tour, weather permitting.

You will find the Rountree Gallery, featuring work by area artists, on the second floor of the Mining Museum Building. Admission to the Gallery is free; hours are posted.

The Rollo Jamison Museum has a priceless collection of over 20,000 items, including everything from arrowheads to carriages, mechanical music boxes to farm implements. The collection has been in the making since Rollo Jamison, born in Beetown, Wisconsin, in 1899, found his first arrowhead as a boy on the family farm. His collection grew over the years, and now represents the unique history of Southwest Wisconsin.

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The M

Have you ever scaled the worlds largest 'M'?

Now you can!

With 269 steps to the top, it's quite a trek (unless you're in better shape than I am!) but the view from the top is pretty awesome.

Our M is 241 feet high and 214 feet wide with legs 25 feet in width.