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Biore Cleansing Cloths

These cleansing cloths are basically moist towelettes. Each cloth is moistened with some sort of cleansing agent, and there’s no rinsing required.

First, bringing a couple of these takes much less space in your bag than a full-size tube/container of facial cleanser, and they’re pretty mild (therefore less stressful on your skin, I would imagine, than whatever soap your host or hotel has by the sink). I don’t necessarily bother to do this for most trips, but if we ever make it out camping, I’ll be sure to bring some.

That’s all secondary, though. The reason I’m inspired to write this is eye makeup. I wear contacts, and I don’t like splashing anything into my eyes, because contacts are great at trapping irritants behind them and, well… irritating you. If you’ve ever tried to remove waterproof eye makeup, you’ll be amazed at these things. I can remove my eyeliner, mascara… the whole works in moments without bothering my eyes. It’s can be kind of horrifying to realize how much is on there, but the thin cloths are ideal for such a delicate operation — and much less harsh than a washcloth.

I’m not brand conscious… you might get the same results with brand X baby wipes, (or moist towelettes, for that matter) but I’m impressed with the concept.

Cuddl Duds long undies

I picked up a long-sleeved Cuddl Duds undershirt after church last Sunday. I was wearing a wool sweater, and the shirt I was wearing underneath left too much of my skin touching the wool, and it was driving me nuts. Hence the new shirt…

This undershirt is super soft and silky. It feels really good against my skin, and I haven’t been bothered by rough textures on sweaters/sweatshirts while it’s underneath. I got the white one, and it’s definitely not something I’d want to wear in public on its own… unless I was trying to really show my stuff.

I’m not sure how well it’ll hold up; when I pull it on, it feels like the dry skin on my hands is going to catch it and make it run, but my initial impression is still very positive. They also make long underwear, and it seems like the thin, soft material would feel a lot better (and less bulky) under pants than normal thermals. Might be worth trying…

Update March 2008

Since my initial purchase, I’ve gotten more. I got the same undershirt in black, which I like just as much as the white. And incidentally, the black is much more modest than the white, so it could be worn alone if desired. I also got the long underwear, which I’ve worn a whole lot this winter. They add warmth without adding bulk, and there have been a few hours here and there where I’ve stripped off the snow-covered jeans and stayed comfy in the leggings and a long sweater. Quite the fashion statement, but they are comfortable. The only item I’ve been less enthused by is the v-neck undershirt. I got it in the same size as the other shirts, but it fits very differently. The sleeves are closer to 3/4 length and the shirt in general is smaller and less stretchy. It’s annoying, but it didn’t bother me enough to return it.

Dex Baby Dura-Bib

I have a lot of bibs for my kids, and this is the best one, hands-down. Not the cutest, but the most functional by FAR. I actually just bought a second one, too… should’ve done it sooner.

The dura-bib has two sets of snaps on each side that fold a good sized pocket at the bottom. It’s long enough that the pocket tucks under the high-chair tray, or under the table if the kid is scooted up to the table. It’s waterproof, and wipes down easily (unfolded). The back is a canvas, so it will feel wet if you immerse it, but that’s usually not necessary. There are two snaps at the neck for sizing, and they’re strong enough that my kids leave it on. I can give my baby spaghetti or chili to eat as finger food, and only have to clean hands (and arms) and face (including head, ears, eyelashes, etc)

I wish the front of the pocket were also easily wipeable, since it can get messy where it folds up, and the canvas doesn’t wipe clean as easily. I’m also not a big fan of the cartoony drawings on them, but that’s pretty minor.

Full Circle Organic Microwave Popcorn - Butter Flavor

I may be too picky when it comes to popcorn, but this stuff was seriously sub-par. It was tasteless and greasy. I don’t know whether one of the other varieties (99% fat free, for example) would be any better, but there are enough good options out there that I’m disinclined to waste my money trying it.

Thumbs down from both of us.

Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Herbal Tea

Apparently I’m kind of picky about tea. It’s been brought to my attention that I don’t like to taste the tea at all, but I certainly like herbal teas. This is one of my new favorites. One of the things I like about it is the versatility. You can follow the instructions and remove the tea bag after a precise amount of steeping, or you can just leave it alone, and the flavor continues to develop. And if you forget about it, it’s just as good cold or at room temperature.

Good Earth has two Sweet & Spicy Organic Herbal Teas. I buy the caffeine free version, which contains rooibos tea (not officially tea, if you’re being specific), but I’ve also tried the original, which has black tea instead. Both are good, but I’ll stick with the caffeine free, even when I’m not actively avoiding caffeine anymore. If you search online, it turns out you can get a non-organic version, too… but I’ve never seen them in stores.

Ingredients: Organic Red Rooibos, Organic Spice Blend, Organic Chicory Root, Organic Rosehips, Organic Honeybush, Natural Flavor, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Peppermint, Organic Chamomile, Organic Orange Oil and Organic Orange Peel.